Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year's Goal 2010: Use it, Enjoy it, Love it!

My neighbor, Lisa, and I have a joint goal this year: "use up the stash." We both have accumulated a wide variety of fabric pieces/scraps/yards from various projects (both hoped for projects and finished projects that didn't use up the fabric).

So, as much as possible, I'm going to create with "what's on hand." I have a somewhat unfair advantage going in because I've already bought fabric for some planned projects this year. The rest, though, will come from the stash (which I plan to use with wild abandon, with no regard for future possibilities that could be made from said fabric....). I'm going to apply the same premise to other categories (food stuffs, arts and crafts supplies for the kids, etc.) because it's not doing us any good just sitting on the shelf.

We are going to love using up our "stuff!" Crayons, stickers, markers, paper of all kinds, fabric, ribbon, buttons, beads, felt, popsicle sticks, the list goes on.

My first project using up the stash: a portable changing pad that rolls up (with pocket for wipes) made out of 6-year-old fabric (the twins I made quilts for from this fabric when they were babies will be turning 7 this coming summer... why I kept 8 random 9-patch blocks, I don't know...). The first of many projects using up the "stash."

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