Monday, December 21, 2009

2009 Sewing Projects

I need a place to keep track of these, so I figured this blog would be a good starting point! I posted about my Christmas sewing projects a couple of days ago. This is a list of all the projects I've made this year with my trusty sewing machine....

First, a bit of history: I had an old, black, cast iron Singer that I inherited. It did one straight stitch--and did it splendidly...until I was finishing up the 5th of the 6 Christmas stockings I was making last year. And it was a couple of weeks before Christmas. And it died. Kaput. May it rest in peace.

So, my wonderful husband heard about a sewing machine sale and sent me off to get a new one. WOW... the newer machines can do so many things!!! I got a Janome mid-price model and have used it so much ever since. I never knew what I was missing! My husband may regret that purchase because since then I've spent a lot of time sewing...and not as much time cleaning house :).

I've definitely become a better seamstress this year and am glad I've taken the time to practice and make some smaller projects. It's very rewarding to gain expertise in a skill and hobby you enjoy.

So, without further ado, the list of projects (links to pictures are being updated as I get the pictures up...):

  • 5 toddler purses (blue, pink, and a group of three)
  • 2 tiered "twirly" skirts for my daughter (short and long)
  • 1 queen-sized bed quilt
  • 2 basic reversible totes
  • Mom's Sunday School tote
  • 1 passport neck pouch
  • 3 window valances
  • 2 tea cozies and matching finger grips
  • 3 drawstring bags for preschool girls
  • 6 women's aprons
  • 1 men's apron
  • 1 "mom bag" for Erin
  • 1 tablerunner

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Sewing Projects

This blog seems an appropriate place to list my Christmas projects for this year (and this will explain why I never contribute to this blog--I'm rarely bored! :) ). Sewing is a terrific hobby if you have young children because you can stop and start easily and even put a project on the shelf for 6 months (unlike cooking or gardening or other more time-sensitive pursuits). It's also quiet--even if your machine is noisy, you can always cut and iron fabric during naptime and get all the prep work out of the way.

Here's what I made for Christmas this year (as I type this, I'm keenly aware that I should be working on the remaining projects... ahem... items with asterisks (*) still need to be completed....).

6 women's aprons (* 1 left)
1 man's apron*
3 toddler superhero capes*
2 tote bags
1 table runner (that, alas, has been rejected due to recipient moving into a new house!)

On the docket for January (items for upcoming birthdays and/or requests from the peanut gallery)
1 t-shirt quilt
3 tote bags (plus 1 for me if I can squeeze it in)
3 laptop sleeves
1 apron
1 preschooler's dress :)
1 purse

Someday, when I have time, I'll post some pictures of my projects. They're getting better, so it's been rewarding to see what all the practice has done for my skill level.