Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quick Table Runner

This table runner was very easy and quick to make. I originally made it for my sister Carrie, but she moved by Christmas to a new house with different dining room colors. So, it's now gracing my dining room table in this picture! Eventually it made it to Carrie's house. Made from pattern in Sewing in No Time by Emma Hardy.

Tea Cozies

I made two identical tea cozies (and matching finger mitt--not pictured) in 2009. They were fun projects. One of the recipients sent me a fat quarter of the Mary Engelbreit teapot fabric featured on the middle strip. What, she wondered, could we do with this great fabric? (Incidentally, this is my friend Megan who hosts Literaritea). I thought of this tea cozy pattern from Sewing in No Time by Emma Hardy. They turned out well.

Drawstring Bags

These charming bags were for two little girls down the street, one of whom had a birthday, and for my daughter. The bags are big enough to hold stuffed animals, a few books, and other necessities for a car ride somewhere or an overnight. I made them from the directions in Emma Hardy's Sewing in No Time. (a book I highly recommend) 2009 project

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year's Goal 2010: Use it, Enjoy it, Love it!

My neighbor, Lisa, and I have a joint goal this year: "use up the stash." We both have accumulated a wide variety of fabric pieces/scraps/yards from various projects (both hoped for projects and finished projects that didn't use up the fabric).

So, as much as possible, I'm going to create with "what's on hand." I have a somewhat unfair advantage going in because I've already bought fabric for some planned projects this year. The rest, though, will come from the stash (which I plan to use with wild abandon, with no regard for future possibilities that could be made from said fabric....). I'm going to apply the same premise to other categories (food stuffs, arts and crafts supplies for the kids, etc.) because it's not doing us any good just sitting on the shelf.

We are going to love using up our "stuff!" Crayons, stickers, markers, paper of all kinds, fabric, ribbon, buttons, beads, felt, popsicle sticks, the list goes on.

My first project using up the stash: a portable changing pad that rolls up (with pocket for wipes) made out of 6-year-old fabric (the twins I made quilts for from this fabric when they were babies will be turning 7 this coming summer... why I kept 8 random 9-patch blocks, I don't know...). The first of many projects using up the "stash."

A "Long Twirly Skirt"

Per my daughter's request.... she loves it :). Since it's made of old drapery fabric, I keep hearing Captain Von Trapp say "my children have been running about Salzburg dressed in nothing but some old drapes!?" 2009 project

A First Toddler Purse

This was one of the first things I made early in 2009. I made it the same weekend I made the matching skirt with my friends.

3 Little Girls' Purses

My husband's cousin has twin girls and a younger daughter as well (all toddler/preschool age). (I feel lots of empathy for her!). At any rate, my mother-in-law commissioned me to make some purses for this crew. I wanted them to be similar, yet each unique. The youngest girl's purse has a short hand-strap. The twins' purses are to be worn cross-body style. All three are lined.

First Skirt

This is a simple girl's skirt that a young friend of mine (and her mother) and I made. We made two: one for my daughter and one for my young friend's younger sister (the skirts are matching). We used this tutorial. 2009 Project

Mom's Sunday School Tote Bag

My mom requested a tote bag to carry her Sunday School materials in (she teaches an elementary school aged class). She said she wore a lot of black, wanted the bag to be dark enough not to show dirt, and it needed to be moderately sized. Here is what I came up with! (She also wears a lot of turquoise/teal--hence my choice of contrasting ribbon.) It's all decorator fabric and lined, with stiff interfacing as well. The inside fabric is the same striped fabric as the top of the bag. The paisley fabric forms pockets (6 total). I got the basic pattern/idea from this. 2009 Project

Erin's "Mom Bag"

I'll be making more of these, but here is the first one... (I couldn't wait to take pictures, so I snapped these photos before I even cut off all the stray threads!). This bag is slightly bigger than a medium LLBean Tote.

It is fully lined with a contrasting pocket inside; the pocket is subdivided into 3 smaller pockets. The bottom is reinforced with duck cloth; the rest of the fabric is quilting cotton. There is some stiff batting in it as well. I made it for my sister-in-law, Erin. (2009)